PIREP – I take Poppy flying down a Rainbow


Some time back now I was to make a currency flight & invited my 8 year old daughter (nickname: Poppy) along. She had no qualms & we took the C150 up.

We took off from Gympie in Queensland, Australia flying direct to Rainbow Beach.  From overhead Rainbow Beach we could see the southern tip of Fraser Island.

We descended to 500ft over water and flew along the beach with landing, nav & strobes on, keeping a vigilant lookout for traffic. After rounding Double Island Point we continued to follow the beach down to Lake Catharraba, at which time we turned inland to the highway and followed it back to Gympie.
Looking along the length of Rainbow Beach, the township below with Double Island Point visible in the far left of the image.

Overflying the airport, heading for my friends property north of Gympie, saw us circling over his house to take some photos. After about the 4th pass, my daughter mentioned that her ‘tummy felt funny’! I’ve had pax tell me this before, soon followed by a full ‘comfort’ bag. So I flew straight and level, told her to sit up straight, hold the controls and try look out at something far away. This worked, it took her mind off it as she ‘thought’ she was flying the plane (there was no way I was taking my hand off the yoke).

We soon approached the circuit over Gympie, so I had her put her hands back in her lap as I made the required radio calls and joined the circuit. We made 2 touch n’ go’s, then came in for a very short field landing, pulling up before the taxiway.

I was very impressed with the C150. It was my first flight this type. Having done my ab-initio in the PA38 ‘Traumahawk’, I thought the C150 is a very stable trainer.