Book Review – Fighter Pilot

Fighter Pilot: Mis-Adventures Beyond the Sound Barrier with An Australian Topgun

Ever wondered what it would be like to lead the life of a Fighter Pilot??

I was recently reffered to a book written by Mac ‘Serge’ Tucker (an ex – Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) Topgun), thanks to the Plane Crazy Down Under podcast, after they interviewed him in relation to his aviation experiences and of course his recent publication, ‘Fighter Pilot: Mis-Adventures Beyond the Sound Barrier with An Australian Topgun’. Click here to listen to the podcast episode: PCDU Episode 96: “Serge” – An Australian Top Gun

Mac’s writings are very entertaining, taking the reader through his aviation history, sharing his intimate passion for flight and expressing the key events in his life that lead him to fly aircraft from the CT4, Nomad and F18 Hornet for the RAAF. The journey also takes you into some questionable beverage serving establishments, to jaunts overseas and majestically hang-gliding off the cliffs of coastal New South Wales.

His writing style I found very appealing, and of course the stories… lets just say my eyes were fixed firmly on the pages well into the night, causing my imagination to run wild as F18’s calved up the skies and spent rifle cases ricocheted off the prop of a Drifter!!

I actually had good fortune smile on me while at the Australian International Airshow at Avalon earlier this year. While standing at Matt Hall’s booth, I met an enthusiastic man who turned out to be Mac! We talked about his book, what he’s up to now… and he made a few stabs in jest at Matt. This was a treat, having read one of the final chapters of this book where he relates his final flight with Matt. I couldn’t help but see the inherent glint of competition……. who’s sold the most copies now?

If you have an interest in Aviation and the sorted ‘mis-adventures’ of a Topgun pilot, be sure to get your hands on Fighter Pilot, you won’t regret it! Available as paperback or on Kindle via Amazon.